Precious Family Members

We strive to breed the perfect new family member!  We also pride ourselves for being available to all our buyers.  When you adopt one of our lil ones, you are family!

Healthy Genetics

By starting out with healthy genetics and educating ourselves, we produce healthy lil ones. We are a State of Nebraska inspected breeder and have passed all inspections with flying colors!

Proven Temperament

By us showing and actually using our dogs in everyday situations, we breed for train-ability.  We use our dogs for herding, agility, rally, 4-H, and on our ranch.  Conformation, Health and Temperament is on our mind with every litter we produce.

About Us


Experienced Breeder

 I can literally say I grew up with Aussies, and have always had a Aussie in my life.  We mainly used them for herding in the High Country of Western Colorado.  Our son Jase, makes 3 generations of Aussie Breeders.  We strive for breed standards, healthy and outstanding temperaments in each and every lil one we breed. 

Today, I live on a small ranch in Nebraska with my family.  We love our life with Aussies and cherish all the memories we make along this journey.  Each and every animal born on this place is like family and we treat them that way.  We use our Aussies on the ranch for moving cows, checking fence and companionship daily.  Than we take them to town for conformation, agility, rally, jumpers, and learning nose work.


A Furever Friend

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Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

A Day at Long's lil Aussie

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Our babies are adopted quickly, please reach out to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions. 

Long's Lil Aussies

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We are located in the Heart of Nebraska!